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What Was Meant for Evil, God Uses for Good

What Was Meant for Evil, God Uses for Good

Joseph Son of Jacob Graduate with honors from the University of Hard Knocks Director of Global Effort to Save Humanity Succeeded How? How did he flourish in the midst of tragedy? We don’t have to speculate. Some twenty years later the roles were reversed, Joseph as the strong one and his brothers the weak ones.

Wait While God Works

So here I sit in the waiting room. The receptionist took my name, recorded my insurance data, and gestured to a chair. “Please have a seat. We will call you when the doctor is ready.” I look around. A mother holds a sleeping baby. A fellow dressed in a suit thumbs through Time magazine. A


Forgiveness and Entrusting Justice to God

Revenge builds a lonely house. Space enough for one person. The lives of its tenants are reduced to one goal: make someone miserable. They do. Themselves. No wonder God insists that we “keep a sharp eye out for weeds of bitter discontent. A thistle or two gone to seed can ruin a whole garden in no time” (Hebrews

Family Wounds Are Slow to Heal

Family wounds are slow to heal. I hope your childhood was a happy time when your parents kept everyone fed, safe, and chuckling. I hope your dad came home every day, your mom tucked you in bed every night, and your siblings were your best friends. But if not, you need to know you aren’t alone.

You’ll Get Through This — It’s Wrapup Week

Friends, this is it. We’re wrapping up this week Max’s phenomenal teaching from You’ll Get Through This, so get out your study guides and notes, fill in any blanks you missed, and re-watch the lesson videos.  But don’t worry if you still need more time. Due to COVID-19 and shipping delays for some study guides,

You’ll Get Through This Week 6 — God Can Use This for Good

We all at some point in our lives get taken down to Egypt. ~ Max Come to Me… — Jesus, Matthew 11:28 Welcome to our final lesson of the You’ll Get Through This Online Bible Study with Max Lucado. This week we have a question for you: Are you down in Egypt right now? We,

You’ll Get Through This Week 5 — Now, About Those Family Scandals and Scoundrels

Adam accused Eve. Cain killed Abel. Abraham lied about Sarah. Rebecca favored Jacob. Jacob swindled Esau and then he raised a gang of hoodlums. And this is the mess into which Joseph was born. ~ Max Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. — Romans 12:2 Welcome to

You’ll Get Through This Week 4 — Is God Good When Life Isn’t?

What happens when we perceive that God does not do His part? When we do have to bury a child. When we do have to go into ICU. When we do have to struggle with unemployment or addiction. ~ Max My tears have been my food day and night while people say to me all

You’ll Get Through This Week 3 — Stupid Won’t Fix Stupid

Just do what pleases God! ~ Max Do what is right as a sacrifice to the Lord. — Psalm 4:5 Welcome to week three of the You’ll Get Through This Online Bible Study with Max Lucado. This week we’re talking about probably the biggest stumbling block in all of history: temptation. I love that the

You’ll Get Through This OBS Week 2 — Down and Out, But Never Alone

Believe in God’s destiny for you. ~ Max Welcome to week two of the You’ll Get Through This Online Bible Study with Max Lucado. This week we are going to talk about trusting in and placing hope in the sovereignty and the goodness of God as Joseph did. We open the story of Joseph as