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Devotionals to Fall For

Devotionals to Fall For

Hand-picked favorites from the Devotionals Daily team “Even when I was a child, fall was always my favorite time of year. There was something about bobbing for apples, going on hayrides, and wearing soft sweaters that brought me such joy. I loved every cool breeze, colored leaf, and caramel apple. When I think of falls

Authentic Guilt vs False Guilt

Authentic Guilt vs False Guilt

Do you ever struggle with beating yourself up?  Too many of us do – from the moment we roll out of bed. I remember one morning before I decided to stop beating myself, lying in bed after hitting the snooze button. I had an ambitious morning workout I planned. But I wasn’t ready yet. So,

God sees a hidden masterpiece! Isn’t that such a wonderful word-picture? Every now and then, we get a peek at the masterpiece He’s creating in our children and it’s a beauty to behold!

See the Good, Loving Her as She Is and Where She Is

  Recognize Her Potential I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. — Philippians 1:6 NLT Michelangelo was an Italian artist who created brilliant masterpieces. Two of his most famous sculptures — David, from the

It’s convicting to realize how the entitled world we live in seeps into our own thinking and even into our faith without even realizing it. Asking the question, “Am I living entitled?” is so important! Jesus paid the supreme price for us, not so we could live entitled identities, but submitted, humble ones knowing who we are in Him.

A Wretch Like Who?

  Living Pardoned You are a serial killer. The memories of your deeds haunt you when you try to sleep at night. You’ve been tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. You are spending the remaining months of your life in solitary confinement, living in a pitch-black cell the size of a small closet. A jailer

Everything belongs to God. Everything. Whatever we have is just on loan to us! Let’s hold things and people lightly and be grateful and generous with what has been entrusted to us.

God Owns It All

  The earth is the LORD’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. — Psalm 24:1 Consider for a moment your possessions. Actually, we can possess nothing — no property and no person — along the way. It is God who owns everything, and we are but stewards of His property

365 Devotionals Roundup

Spend a year going through your favorite devotionals. It’s almost Fall and time to dive back into a more regular devotional time with the Lord. We thought we’d share these fantastic 365 devotionals to choose from or stock up on. They also make wonderful gifts for family or friends! Grab your Bible and a cup

God has not forgotten you. You are always on His mind. He loves you more that you can possibly imagine. He wants the very best for you. Trust Him!

God Has Not Forgotten You When Your Family Is Hurting

  It was a typical October day for Dr. Earl McQuay — until it wasn’t. Dr. McQuay gave a morning lecture to his seminary students at Columbia International University in South Carolina. The subject was the stages of grief. Dr. McQuay was especially interested in equipping his students to minister to parents having to deal

Fight to Pray

It doesn’t hurt to ask. Have you heard this before?  Whether you’re nervous to ask your boss for some time off, or your professor for an extension on a project, or your spouse for some time away from the kids.  Maybe someone told you, “Just talk to them about it, it doesn’t hurt to ask!”