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Bible Reading Teens

Bible Reading Teens

I’m sure you remember being a teen.  If you were anything like me, reading was not a hobby for you!! And if reading was a hobby, then I would imagine that for many reading the Bible was not in your Top 10 list.  Reading the Bible can be a difficult task for adults.  It never fails

Why Do Serial Innovators Succeed While Others Fail?

Watch this Exclusive Interview with Author Larry Osborne   Sometimes things just don’t go exactly as planned. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they flat out fail! But, failures don’t have to mean the end of the world. We chatted with Pastor Larry Osborne, author of Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, live about innovation and the Top

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Forgiveness His Way

Think for a moment of the worst sin you’ve committed… Yeah, that one. If you’re like most people, your mind raced with lightning speed to that moment you wish you could take back and relive. What’s more, the thought didn’t come alone. Along with it came a wagonload of guilt that builds pressure in your chest like

Sharing the Joy of God’s Creation with Your Kids

We spend a lot of time outside in the summer. We smear on some sunscreen, spritz on herbal bug spray, and head into the great outdoors. There’s so much to experience. In the busy-ness of our culture, it’s easy to forget the pleasures that being outside can bring. I encourage you to spend a morning

What Does the Bible Say About Sportsmanship?

My seven-year-old boy loves sports. So far, he has played soccer, baseball, football, floor hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. When I ask him which one is his favorite, he has a tough time choosing. While the sports he plays will change from season to season, I hope the one thing that will remain the same is his good sportsmanship.

Prejudice and Perception

Okay, go ahead and try to fill in the following sentences with the word that fits in the blank. We’re talking about prejudice here, so don’t cop out and act like you don’t have any answers. To get to the bottom of prejudice, it’s important to confront the stuff we think inside. So go ahead