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Cultivating a Love for Jesus in Your Child

Cultivating a Love for Jesus in Your Child

I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. My parents were (and still are) loving, supportive, involved, and hardworking. But I didn’t grow up going to church, reading the Bible, listening to worship songs, or knowing Jesus. It wasn’t until high school that a friend of mine invited me to church. Youth group sounded a

What an Aware Young Woman Should Know

Ultimately, no one can save our daughters better than our daughters themselves. Ideally, young girls will know enough to see trouble coming and avoid it, but wisdom is a hard-earned commodity. Few of us earn enough of it as adolescents to avoid the temptations that adolescence brings. Our daughters need help. They will not only

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Get bestsellers JESUS IS __ and SACRED MARRIAGE now for just $5 each through 6/30! JESUS IS___ by Judah Smith: Jesus is ____.  How would YOU finish that sentence? Who is Jesus to you? Your answer will affect how you make day-to-day decisions, how you face challenges and failures, how you love people, and how

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The Captivated Mind

You have been set on this earth, at this hour, and in this generation to bring fame to the Lord Jesus Christ in your sphere of influence. And make no mistake: He has a specific way He wants you to bring Him that fame. The challenge and joy of following Christ is discovering what that looks like for each

Church Disillusionment & Wise Counselor

Disillusionment is a serious illness of the soul. It tends to persist over a long, indefinite period of time and often involves multiple recurrences. And it can be virtually invisible to people who meet you, so much so that people in your local church might not even realize you’re infected. And we may not realize the epidemic we’re up against. I’m

Shop John Eldredge $5 Bestsellers Now!

Save big on John Eldredge inspirational bestsellers Wild at Heart and Captivating now just $5 each!   WILD AT HEART:  DISCOVERING THE SECRET OF A MAN’S SOUL Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live and a beauty to rescue. In this New York Times bestseller, John


YOU and Acceptance after Divorce

You never thought divorce would happen to you. But it did. You may feel traumatized, relieved, hopeful, afraid, or all of the above. What choices will help you heal? How can you learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them? And where is God in all of this? Michelle and Connie have been where you

What Was God Thinking When He Created Sex?

Sex is the most scandalous, sinful, shameful thing in the world… so be sure to save it for someone you love. If we are honest, this is the mind-set of far too many Christians, whether we recognize it or not. Most of us were raised by well-intentioned parents and church leaders who wanted the best for us, so they