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Ready to clear the clutter this Spring? Join our FREE Unstuffed 10-Day Challenge and start decluttering your home, mind, and soul.

Over the course of ten powerful video challenges from Ruth Soukup, author of Living Well, Spending Less, you’ll be inspired to calm the chaos and instead implement simple solutions that work. From pillows to paperwork and everything in between, this is one Spring Cleaning challenge you won’t want to miss!

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In addition to the daily video challenges, you’ll receive a FREE download of the Unstuffed Workbook to pair with the 10 videos. The workbook outlines the daily challenges and helps you note your thoughts and takeaways throughout this Spring Cleaning challenge.

Daily Videos from Ruth Soukup

Over the 10-day challenge Ruth will help you take a hard look at the clutter in your life that is weighing you down--not just the physical clutter, but the mental clutter in our minds and the emotional clutter in our souls as well--and look at some practical solutions for creating less stress and more joy.

Daily video challenges from Ruth Soukup will be sent to your email. Each video will encourage and give you the tools you need take back your life from the STUFF that's weighing you down.