What If Jesus Walked Into Your Church?


For years I sang in the worship band at church. On my scheduled weeks, as we approached the staring time, I stood on stage waiting. Soon the lights dimmed, signaling the band to begin. The swell of music filled the room, and by the second song, the only lights shining were on us.

The room remained dark, except for the brief moment when a latecomer opened the back door, ushering in light. From my view-point, that light was a brilliant flash blocking out the face of the person entering. Occasionally I daydreamed that the latecomer was Jesus.

I pictured Him walking down the aisle. He looked around and walked slowly toward the front, finally reaching the steps below me and then ascending them. At the top of the stage, He turned to receive the worship being offered Him.

Sometimes I desperately long to see Jesus walk into my church. Can you imagine what would happen? People would grab their friends with diseases and run toward Him. Parents would carry their hurting children to Him. Those with addictions, emotional hurts and illnesses would stretch out their hands just to touch Him. Others would drop to their knees in adoration.

Unfortunately, many times I’m simply hoping that Jesus will “show up”. As if He might be too busy to stop by my church. Yet by Jesus’ very own words, He is already there. Jesus said, “For where two or three gather in My Name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).

My daydream is a reality. Jesus is in the sanctuary every time we gather with other believers. We need that truth to soak into our hearts.

The same Jesus who healed the blind man and raised the dead has come to our churches this week.

Excerpted with permission fromĀ NIV Real Life Devotional Bible For Women, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

Can you picture Jesus walking into your church? Sitting down or standing beside you? Can you imagine what your reaction would be? And everyone else in the room? What would you do if He were physically there? How does that change your perspective about His presence with you daily? Join the conversation on our blog! We would love to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily

Lysa TerKeurst is president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the New York Times best-selling author of Uninvited, The Best Yes, Unglued, Made to Crave, and 16 other books. Lysa was recently awarded the Champions of Faith Author Award and has been published in multiple publications such as Focus on the Family and CNN online. Additionally, she has appeared on the Today Show as one of the leading voices in the Christian community. Each year, Lysa is a featured keynote presenter at more than 40 events across North America, including the Women of Joy Conferences and the Catalyst Leadership Conference. She writes from her sticky farm table and lives with her family in North Carolina. Connect with her at www.LysaTerKeurst.com or on social media @LysaTerKeurst.

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