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It’s the most wonderful time of year! And I’m rejoicing because this Advent season we have the most incredible free Online Bible Study to bring to you: The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel… and registrations open TODAY!

Do you have questions about the first Christmas?

Questions like: Is the story of Jesus’ birth true? Or is it just an interesting tale for Sunday school and bedtime that was crafted over the years by the early Church and the culture of that time?

Why does it matter if Mary was really a virgin? How does prophesy in the Old Testament about the Messiah have significance to us today?

If you have ever wondered what’s accurate and true about the Christmas story, follow the evidence and decide for yourself! Join us for The Case for Christmas, our new four-week Advent Online Bible Study starting Sunday, November 26 — right after Thanksgiving — with bestselling author, apologist and Bible teacher Lee Strobel!

This is the greatest story ever told!.. Not just because it’s amazing. Not just because it blows your mind. But because it’s true! And because it’s true, it makes a difference to each one of our lives. ~ Lee

Christmas is beautiful! It’s fun and festive. Carolers in Victorian costumes fill the mall with song. Kids practice for the Christmas choir wearing white smocks and sparkly halos. The furniture gets rearranged to make room for the tree decorated with lights, colorful ornaments, and handmade popsicle stick crèches. It’s a season of family traditions and enough food to feed the whole neighborhood — roast beef, mashed potatoes, asparagus and cheese soufflé, and Nana’s sticky pudding flambéed to the delight of everyone. Not to mention the gingerbread-spiced mochas for Christmas morning!

All of that is wonderful, but in The Case for Christmas OBS we’re going to look beyond the traditions, past the sparkle and the big red bows and examine the evidence of that first Christmas!

Lee Strobel did exactly that years ago when he was an atheist and an investigative journalist. After his wife Leslie became a born-again Christian, he set out to prove her beliefs wrong. In his exhaustive search for truth, Lee was left with the shocking undeniability that Christ is who He said He is. That in-depth investigation of Jesus led to Lee writing the book The Case for Christ. (Did you see the movie?) Whether you’re not sure what you believe and want to know more or if you’re already a follower of Jesus, you’ll love Lee’s thorough approach and scientific search for facts.

The Case for Christmas will leave you ready to sing with all your heart this Christmas!

Fall on your knees. Oh hear the angel voices.

Oh night divine. Oh night that Christ was born.

Here’s a look at our schedule for The Case for Christmas, and one thing to note is that all the videos will be available throughout the entire study!

  • Week One (Nov. 26 – Dec. 2) – Setting the Record Straight
  • Week Two (Dec. 3 – 9) – Beneath the Fake News
  • Week Three (Dec. 10 – 16) – A Mind-Boggling Proposition
  • Week Four (Dec. 17 – 23) – The Prophetic Fingerprint
  • Catch Up Week (Dec. 24 – 30). Missed a session because of the busyness of the Christmas season? You can watch them all again before the end of the year!

As we enjoy all the wonderful traditions this Christmas, let’s also journey into the story of the birth of Jesus. We’re going to study Him, dig into history, and divide fact from fable. The Case for Christmas OBS starts in just a few weeks, so sign up right now right here, and get your free downloads. We’re giving away a lovely Advent toolkit to everyone who registers, which includes:

  • 2 Beautiful Christmas Art Printable
  • 12 Fun Christmas-Themed Conversation Starters for Dinner Topics or Sharing Christ at Christmas with a Friend
  • An Advent Reading Plan of Scriptures
  • 25 Ways to Be the Light and Share Christ at Christmas

Access to the video teachings is completely free too, but you’ll want the study guide to participate fully, and you may also want the DVD so you can go through the study again next year! Plus, the DVD includes the bonus video Bible study, The Case for Easter!

Watch this video from Lee

* * *

Your Turn

Whip up some hot chocolate, sugar cookies, and friends, and join the conversation on our blog to let us know you’ll be with us! And be sure to invite your neighbors, church members,  and family, too! This study is great for individual, personal study (join us in community!), small groups, friends meeting in a coffee shop, or for families wanting to connect and study the Bible together at Christmas.

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