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The Power of the Pocket Prayer

Do you struggle with prayer? You aren’t the first to struggle. The sign-up sheet for Prayer 101 contains some familiar names: the apostles John, James, Andrew, and Peter. When one of Jesus’ disciples requested, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1), none of the others objected. No one walked away saying, “Hey, I have prayer figured out.” The first followers of Jesus needed prayer

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      eBook Deals of the Week

      Feed your e-reader with these hot ebooks deals available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and from for a limited time only! Each week we unveil new ebook deals from two of the country’s leading Christian book publishers – Thomas Nelson and Zondervan – and you’ll find these Christian ebook deals right here! From bestsellers to



        Jesus Is ______: Scandalous Grace

        Jesus is _____. How would you fill in that blank? That question is at the heart of a campaign The City Church launched a couple of years ago with the goal of getting Seattle to think about Jesus. Our purpose wasn’t to tell anyone what to believe. We just wanted people to get Jesus on



          Rejoice: Come Dance With Me

          Be glad and rejoice with me. – Philippians 2:18 The discipline of celebration is changing my life, and I invite you into the same practice. Come tap dance with me on the fresh graves of apathy and cynicism, the creeping belief that this is all there is, and that God is no match for the wreckage of the world



            Be a Moment Maker

            I make moments on a daily basis because I want to know that when life has decided it has had enough of me, it’s gonna be because it is exhausted from trying to keep up. Moments are fleeting, but they can have a huge impact. The experiences we have in those moments, good and bad,

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              Unashamed Week Two: Today Is the Day

              Did you enjoy launch week for Unashamed with our incomparable teacher, Christine Caine? We had an amazing time in our kickoff chat with Chris, being encouraged by her words of hope and the promise of freedom that Jesus brings. I love how excited and empowering Christine is! It’s incredible to see what a life submitted to God

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                Our Top 5 Men’s Bible Studies

                  God has given men a great deal of responsibility: we are husbands, fathers, friends, workers, and many other things.  In each of the roles we have, we are often times looked to to be the leader.  In the very least, we have a responsibility and obligation to lead our families.  But we need to



                  Passing the Baton of Faith to the Next Generation

                  A Generation Who Did Not Know God Joshua was the man God chose to lead the children of Israel into the Promised Land, and he displayed incredible strength and courage in doing so. He was a mighty man of faith and an inspiring leader, but look what happened: The people served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua