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Strength From Crisis

Editor’s Note: Dear friends, we are back! You have no idea how happy we are to get to chat with you again! You may have noticed that our emails have been conspicuously absent from your inboxes. In case you were wondering, our email server was down for a while. It was frustrating, but our phenomenal team


    A Lesson in Perseverance… from a Yorkie

    It had been a long weekend of delayed flights and short nights. I had finally gotten home, but Monday morning I could barely crawl out of bed. I think I was sleepwalking when I made myself a cup of coffee and headed out to the back patio with my three little dogs. And our ritual


      max lucado you'll get through this

      You’ll Get Through This

      No one travels far down the road of life without discovering that this journey is not always smooth or perfect. We can pray and wish for safety on the way. We should enjoy the stretches of the ride when the sun shines and things go beautifully. We ought to thank God for the times when


        eBook Deals of the Week

        Feed your e-reader with these hot ebooks deals available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and from for a limited time only! Each week we unveil new ebook deals from two of the country’s leading Christian book publishers – Thomas Nelson and Zondervan – and you’ll find these Christian ebook deals right here! From bestsellers to


          Reclaiming the Lost Language of Lament

          Spiritual maturity does not mean living a lament-less life; rather, it means we grow into becoming good lamenters and thus grow in our need for God. The songs of lament are the very songs we need for healing and wholeness, yet how many of us are singing them in our church services today? We often call


            Celebrating the Beauty of Creation with Our Kids

            Green is finally on the palette again. Winter in Michigan means lots of gray. Now finally, Spring is here —  fresh smells, new activities, and new colors… like green! The changing seasons are a glorious display of a creative God. But it is interesting to me how quickly we can forget the beauty that surrounds