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The Daniel Plan – Faith & Nurturing Your Soul

Many of us are disciplined when it comes to spiritual practices like reading our Bible or going to church, but we may not have that same discipline when it comes to caring for our physical health. Others are careful about eating habits, but ignore caring for the soul. But our spiritual health and physical well-being



    InScribed Authors Chat Replay — Finding Wholeness in Christ

    We had such a great chat with four of the InScribed authors — Wendy Blight, Amanda Hope Haley, Sarah Francis Martin, and Ashley Linne. Wendy Blight is the author of Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices In The Midst Of A Messy Life and Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s



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        Lay Your Burden Down, Weary Christian

        I have spent a lot of my Christian life feeling guilty over what I am not doing in the kingdom of God. It’s not that I am not committed to Jesus, living a sacrificial life, or intensely busy for the kingdom. I am – but there is just always so much more to be done,



          Jesus Is ______: Scandalous Grace

          Jesus is _____. How would you fill in that blank? That question is at the heart of a campaign The City Church launched a couple of years ago with the goal of getting Seattle to think about Jesus. Our purpose wasn’t to tell anyone what to believe. We just wanted people to get Jesus on


            Speaking the Gospel in Cultural Key

            Fluency: Speaking the Gospel in Cultural Key

            The Gospel in Cultural Key Cultural engagement is one of the reasons the early church was so successful at evangelism. They had a habit of getting into the mind-set of pagans and Jews alike to transpose the gospel into the appropriate key. What does getting into the mind-set of non-Christians look like for us today?


              every bitter thing is sweet sara hagerty

              A Forever Change in Perspective

              It was a bitter cold Sunday in December when my heart wore the weather. At the time, we were attending a church teeming with prolific twentysomethings. Most all the women my age (or younger) were pregnant, nursing, or carrying their six-month-olds strapped to their chests in a tight wrap. They came on Sundays, in droves,



                8 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Child

                I truly believe that when the Creator of the Universe made us in His image He gave us all the ability to create art. You may be tempted to argue that you are not creative or artistic and that may be the case, but you are meant to create art. For me, art is drawing,

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                  Our Top 5 Men’s Bible Studies

                    God has given men a great deal of responsibility: we are husbands, fathers, friends, workers, and many other things.  In each of the roles we have, we are often times looked to to be the leader.  In the very least, we have a responsibility and obligation to lead our families.  But we need to