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You Are Free Week 1 — To Be Free

You Are Free Week 1 — To Be Free

I want to be free. Don’t you? How did we get so confused about our freedom in Christ? It’s a concept that I used to take it at face-value, but now… life, and brokenness, and the burdens that have a habit of piling up smothered freedom somewhere along the way. Is that true for you,

The Broken Way: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

  Look how far you’ve come! You made it to the end of the study! We hope you have been blessed by the last six weeks of The Broken Way Online Bible Study with our teacher and friend, Ann Voskamp. We’ve loved hearing your stories of life change and transformation through cruciform living and finding

The Broken Way Week 6 — Who We Serve

It’s our final session! Yes, we’re finally in week six of The Broken Way OBS! Have you ever gone through a really tough period, a suffering season, or a trauma, when a friend stepped up and shared the pain with you… lessening your load just by coming shoulder-to-shoulder? It didn’t change your problem, in fact

The Broken Way Week 5 — Embracing Inconvenience

Here we are in week five of The Broken Way OBS! Have you ever needed someone to just be with you, welcome you in, be a friend, and felt that the world was too busy, or didn’t care, or walked by without notice? That’s the way selfishness wires us — too busy, too focused on

The Broken Way Week 4 — Real Koinonia

Welcome to week four of The Broken Way OBS! We’re at the half-way point of our study! One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen while leading these Online Bible Studies is the community of sisters and brothers in Christ praying for one another. Many in our group are going through significant pain, deep grief,

The Broken Way Week 3 — Learning to Receive

It’s week three of The Broken Way OBS! We’ve loved hearing your responses to week two, Living Cruciform, and how you have been meeting others’ brokenness and pouring out for one another. In our private Facebook group, we’re reading that people are praying for one another, sharing Scripture with others, leaving magazines in the ER for

The Broken Way Week 2 — Living Cruciform

Welcome to week two of The Broken Way OBS, friends! I don’t know about you, but this is such a timely study for me. Brokenness and difficulty have a way of drowning out the beautiful things Jesus is doing in our lives (even through the pain and challenge) right in from of our faces, doesn’t

The Broken Way Week 1 — How Do We Live This One Broken Life?

Whether or not we like it (and we don’t) or want anyone else to know (and usually we guard it pretty carefully), we’re all broken. Even when it’s an unspoken broken. We’re all a holy mess. You, me, Ann… we’re in a motley kinship of blessed mess. Great grief isn’t made to fit inside your