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Anything Week 8: A Simple Prayer — It Will Be Worth It

Anything Week 8: A Simple Prayer — It Will Be Worth It

Can you believe that this is the end of our study? We’ve been through eight weeks together and lives have been changed! This week Jennie leads the closing section of our study with this… “A day is coming when our eyes will close and there will be no more chaos. No one will be preaching or

Anything Week 7: War Changes Everything

We’re finally at Anything Week 7! Just two more weeks of the study to go! What did you think as you read Jesus’ prayer for you in Week 6? How did you respond to Project Two? Remember to join the conversation on the Anything study pages! We want to hear from you! For Week Seven, we’ll: Watch the video

Anything Week 6: Life Is Short. Live It With Love and Boldness

Welcome to Anything Project Week 6! What did you uncover last week as we went head-to-head with fear and prayed boldly to love God and be willing to risk more? Did someone you write for Project Two spur you on in your walk with Jesus? Have you joined the conversation on the Anything study pages? If you’re just starting

Anything Week 4: Surrender — The Bathroom Floor Moment

I hope you had some deep and brave conversations as you studied Anything Week Three dealing with the reality of suffering. As Christians, we’re in a war and needn’t be shocked when we take hits from our adversary. If you haven’t joined the conversation already, please do!  Leave your comments on the Anything study pages because we want to hear from

Anything Week 2: The Bondage of Approval and Entitlement

Hey, everyone! I hope you left comments on the Anything Week One page as you studied, digested, and uncovered what hinders you most — unbelief, pretending, or shame. What did you think of last week’s projects? We want you in on the conversation sharing your story, praying for others, and being lifted up by this

Anything Project – Getting Started & Important Dates

Hi friends, Are you ready to get started on the Anything Project? We’re kicking off with our live event tonight! It’s not too late to sign up! In case you’re looking for the live event page, we’re having the party over here tonight at 9 pm EST | 6 pm PST : Come join us even

Countdown to Anything Study – One Week to Go!

Our Anything Bible study with Jennie Allen begins next week and we have been profoundly moved and humbled by the response. Ten thousand women registered! We can’t wait to get started with you! While so many of you are sharing your stories — beautiful, heartfelt stories of healing, restoration, forgiveness, courage, and trust in Christ through your Anything